the stuff nightmares are made of

oh my god.

My first reaction upon looking at this photo was to laugh uncontrollably. After that, I thought “That’s kind of terrifying. I look sort of… insane, and perhaps also like I’m about to kill someone and subsequently enjoy the hell out of said killing.” (Maybe that’s not an exact quotation of the thought that went through my brain, but close enough.) And then I thought “I’m uploading it!”

So that’s done, then.

This is the part where I become even less convinced that blogging these 365s is a good idea.


6 thoughts on “the stuff nightmares are made of

  1. And blogging about daily self photos dies at the tender age of two days. She was a beautiful soul but born to impossibilities beyond her control. At least she creeped out a few people with her last gasps.


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