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So. It’s been awhile, eh? How are things? Good? Fantastic. Here, things have been busy and a bit stressful, but overall, I can’t complain. I tend to thrive on stress, actually. (Yeah, I’m one of those people.) So it’s been one thing after another, all the time, which, come to think of it, is how it goes even when it’s not stressful. Life is a series of events, one, then the next, then the next. Oh gosh, how deep. But really, even though there are days when I’m tired and grumpy, mostly I feel pretty good. Energetic. Happy. Like this:

People ask me a lot if I’ve had too much caffeine. The answer to that question is usually a resounding YES OH MY GOSH I LOVE COFFEE.

May I also mention that Sweet Pea, my dear darling bug of a dog is lying on the floor at my feet right now, farting continuously? I can’t breathe. I might die. What a horrible way to go, really, but OH MY GOD SWEET PEA WHAT DID YOU EAT? I have opened a window in the hopes of keeping myself alive long enough to finish this post. This is not really the way to set up the question I wanted to ask, because the question, it’s going to be about food. So I guess I’ll stop writing this paragraph about my dog’s noxious gas bombs.


So today I was on my lunch break —

True story: when I told a co-worker I was finally leaving for lunch, she said “Maybe you shouldn’t go, because if ever there was a day to leave here and immediately start drinking, today would be it, and what if you got so drunk you couldn’t come back?”

— and I was on the phone and somehow the conversation ended up being about breakfast and for one thing, this person I was talking to seemed to be unfamiliar with the concept of breakfast for dinner which means that he must be an alien, because who doesn’t ever end up in a diner or other diner-type establishment around suppertime on occasion and say “Yes, by Jove, I WILL HAVE AN OMELET,” really? Breakfast for dinner is one of those things that bind us together as human beings, along with being unable to resist loving the song “Don’t Stop Believin'” and having opposable thumbs.

Anyway, my question, which is very very important, and I have brought myself out of my quasi-retirement from almost the entire internet for this, but if you have a moment to answer me I would greatly appreciate it:

Pancakes and bacon is a natural combination, yes? They go together, right? Like peanut butter and jelly. Like Hall and Oates. Like He-Man and The Power of Greyskull. Like a jar of Nutella and a great big spoon. (Oooh! Nutella!) Like…

Okay, you get the idea.

It is the sweet of the syrup and the salty of the bacon, together, like magic. Right? I mean, we can argue about whether or not I’m a total weirdo some other time, because this isn’t one of the things that makes me a total weirdo. Pancakes and bacon: that’s like that moment at the end of Jerry Maguire when he’s all “You complete me” and she’s all “You had me at hello.” (I can’t believe I am using a Tom Cruise movie to argue a point.)

Have I actually asked a question here? I don’t even know. I’m a little rusty at this whole blogging thing, which I think is fairly obvious. The point is that pancakes and bacon — that’s normal, right?

Discuss. And thank you.



9 thoughts on “random question of the day

  1. Oh, totally yes. Like peanut butter and chocolate. (Ooh, Tom Cruise? Seriously, dude.) Sweet and sour. Yin and Yang. You and smirks. Sonny and Cher. Penn and Teller. Sammy and Rosie. Well, that last one’s a very obscure reference, but let’s just say they both get laid.


  2. Okay, first? Breakfast in the evening…or late, late at night…is a treat. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bowl of Cheerios while watching reruns of Dead Like Me or an omelet with provolone and chorizo in some Cuban diner after a night of drinking and dancing. It’s a treat.

    Second, bacon and pancakes with maple syrup is a solid classic. Are a solid classic. One of those.


  3. I don’t know. But I love coffee. Black. No sugar, no milk. People who add sugar and milk to it should be hanged. And then shot. Then hanged again.


  4. Absolutely. It’s like peanut butter and bananas, fried plantains and beans. Even though I prefer to eat oatmeal, flax seed and bran with honey for breakfast. Seriously. And I down it all with a cup of black tea. I am being totally serious about this. I could challenge Sweet Pea to a duel any day.


  5. of course pancakes and bacon go together. so do pancakes and sausage. actually my husband likes pancakes and scrambled eggs. first time i made them for him I thought he was nuts. now they are a special treat when im feeling happy. 🙂


  6. The bacon has to be crispy, though. None of that sad, soggy, flimsy crap that Waffle House tries to pass off as “bacon”, while insulting the memory of the pig from whence it sprang. Pancakes and sausage, however, is actually better from my point of view.


  7. If you add blueberries to the pancakes and use only real maple syrup (with good smoky bacon) then you are truly close to an orgasmic breakfast experience. The only thing missing from this perfection is good coffee.


  8. dragging myself out of blog retirement (or at least commenting on them) because this subject moves me to do so. Yes. Pancakes + Bacon = True Love Forever. I don’t like syrup, but I can’t resist getting the perfect bite of pancakes, butter, syrup and bacon on a fork and then singing with my eyes closed beause its so so good.


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