things i accomplished today

1. Drank coffee.

2. Watched this video:

(This is a cartoon version of a conversation Greg and I had when we were coming up with Iron Photographer elements — and coming up with Iron Photographer elements is something that’s a bit involved, but fortunately I already wrote about it here and here. I bet you can guess that I am the one who counted all the ships in Book II of the Iliad.)

3. Watched The Price is Right with my grandma. Good times.

4. Had a long phone conversation about things and stuff.

4. Washed windows.

5. Had a discussion with Greg wherein we came up with elements for the latest Iron Photographer. This time it involves roshambo.

6. Met some people from work for dinner and drinks and had a giant margarita.

7. Came home and got a blinding headache.

8. Took this photo:

right now i have one of those headaches where i feel like i got stabbed in the face

9. Wrote this post. Which I am mentioning in the past tense even though I am currently in the process of writing this post. Man, that’s so meta.

10. And now since I have all these things done I am going to go to bed because work comes early in the morning and I still feel like I’ve been stabbed in the face. Goodnight.


One thought on “things i accomplished today

  1. Sorry about the whole stabbed-in-the-face business. But maybe there’s some small comfort in knowing that we really are geniuses? Maybe? But probably not much. Tylenol is probably a more effective analgesic.

    And that really is a lot of fucking ships.


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