things i find

Every so often I have to go through my folders of photos, because I have probably a few thousand photos I’ve taken at one time or another that I didn’t immediately delete and I have to decide whether they’re keepers or whether I should toss them. (Most of them aren’t worth keeping — I take a lot of really bad photos.)

The one above made me pause, though. I remember that evening, during one of those violent thunderstorms that my beloved Midwest does so incredibly well, I stood on the back porch and shot a series of handheld long exposures of the trees in the wind. I believe in my head I called this series something something blah blah something involving the words “ambient storm” and I believe that a second later I called myself a pretentious fuckwit, but in any case, while I’m not sure if I’ll ever do anything with the photos I took that evening (even though I like some of them), it turns out that looking at them made me remember what it felt like to stand there barefooted while the warm rain landed on my toes and I tried to keep my camera dry, and damn, I miss summer.


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