this makes me happy


I’ve had serious things on my mind these days, and have been, to quote myself in an email to Missy, “a horrible bitchface” lately, but you know what? It’s terribly dull to be a horrible bitchface. I can’t really sustain it. Because hey, it’s 82 degrees and sunny here in Michigan. In March. I can’t get over it.

I also want to share some brilliant news. I’ve shared a bit about my friend Missy and the fact that she spent 2011 fighting cancer, so it’s a great thing to be able to say that after the battery of tests one year after the surgery, she’s officially 100% cancer free! This is fantastic news. It makes me happy. It’s even better than 82-degrees-and-sunny-in-Michigan-in-March happy. A year ago, I made her a video1. to cheer her up when she was waiting for some tests that might’ve brought scary news. And now, a year later, the news is good. So many things have changed in the past 12 months, but one thing is always true: even when everything is horrible and we’re not having a good time at all, we always have a good time. Having a friend like that is the most priceless thing in the universe.

So I’m glad she was able to kick cancer’s ass to the curb. I’m looking forward to lots more hysterical laughing fits, because we are so good at those.

1. Oh gosh, my hair was so short then.


5 thoughts on “this makes me happy

  1. That really is terrific news! Congrats to Missy! The two of you really DO look like you’re having a wonderful time, too, and rightly so!!


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