up in the air

So I got a haircut and I was taking photos of it and ended up with this.

Hi. I used to participate in National Blog Posting Month, but I don’t know, do they even do National Blog Posting Month anymore? Doesn’t matter. I decided today I need a short-term personal project of sorts, so I’m going to update my blog every day this month with a photo and some bit of writing to accompany it. If past forays into post-every-day projects are any indication, and I’m sure they are, I will promptly fall off the face of the internet when I’m done, but still. I needed a project, and I think this will do.

The reasons were entirely different last year at this time, but maybe it’s a November thing, because these days, much of my life feels like it’s up in the air. Nothing has changed yet, but everything will; I just don’t know how or when. If this seems terribly vague, that’s because it is. I guess I have to hold out for awhile and see where things land before I get all talky about them.

When things are up in the air, are you supposed to juggle or duck?


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