small favors

This whole week, I have felt out of sorts, not quite sure whether I’m coming or going. As is my theme, it’s been a series of “What the — oh, okay, fine.” Antibiotics are doing their job, though (oh yes, by the way, I’ve been ill) and I’m feeling much better. One stupid thing after another has happened, a pile of annoyances easy to trip over if I don’t pay attention.

I try to complain, but I stop. I have a place to go for quiet, to close my eyes, to breathe. That seems more important than ever. The truth is that I’ve handled everything that’s come my way this week, my eye makeup looks really good today (I’ve been doing a bronze and plum smoky eye this fall, if it matters, which it doesn’t, not really), and you know, fuck it, tomorrow I’m buying shoes.


4 thoughts on “small favors

  1. I suppose it’s probably weird how often I think “you know, I really wish I knew Jamelah better. As a person.”

    Hope you’re doing ok.



  2. This je ne sais quoi, ennui, blasé feeling has been my norm as well. Some attribute it to my recent loss, others to global climate change, & still others to the 2012 Doomsday prediction. No one knows why these mood shifts occur, but for writers like us, it is important to feel these magnanimous changes & write about them. Record, reflect & relay…and ooh…buy those cute cowgirl boots from Country Outfitters ’cause you gotta look fierce for that Zombie Apocalypse and all…


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