old friends and old lady

Here it is, the 25th of November, and I have proven myself to be awful at thing-a-day things. I meant to post yesterday, but I was really tired. I actually sat and stared at this Add New Post screen for awhile, but my brain wasn’t really into helping me form coherent sentences, so I gave up and fell asleep.

I’d been out the night before. I often am, I know, but I’m usually home on the earlier side, because I’m 83 and I need to get my rest. But instead of doing that, I wound up staying up talking until 3 a.m. with an old friend from high school I hadn’t seen in… let’s just say it had been years. The risk of meeting up with people from the past is that there’s always the possibility of realizing that you don’t actually have anything to talk about anymore, and then you wind up picking at nonexistent dirt under your fingernails and then staring absently into space. But it’s always good when the risk pays off and you prove that sometimes friends stay friends, regardless of distance and years.

Even though seriously, staying up until 3 proves once again that I am not as young as I used to be, because staying up until 3 and then getting up when it’s light outside and writing coherent sentences is basically how I managed to graduate from college.

And to top it all off, he gave me the watch pictured above. Do you know that when I’m having a particularly bad day, I like to watch the Ministry of Silly Walks sketch? I do. Because I’ve found that it’s impossible to continue having a bad day when when watching something that makes me laugh that much. (I’ve watched it a lot, but it still gets me every single time.) So being able to look down at my wrist and giggle is a total win. (I’ve never found my wrists to be particularly funny before.)


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