nothing much

It’s been quite a day, as Tuesdays often are in my life. I’d tell you all about how it’s been a series of “Did that just happen? Fuck.” But instead I won’t, because I’d rather that it fades away, that perhaps someday I’ll come across this post and I won’t be able to remember all the details, but I’ll remember that there was something irritating about November 27, 2012. Something very Tuesday.

It’s funny how many times in blog posts or Flickr photo captions I mention that I had quite a day, that something annoying happened, and when I encounter the posts or captions later on, I often have no idea what I meant. Today’s annoying crap, it turns out, is ephemeral.

(Ephemeral Crap. The title of my memoirs, perhaps.)

So, there’s no sense in dwelling, anyway, is the point.


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