the lesson of curtains


It’s been an interesting weekend, one that started with a long drive home and is wrapping up with the excitement of doing laundry, because it’s always a good idea to have clean clothes to wear. This afternoon, I was making my bed, and I had the windows open. The breeze was coming through my bedroom curtains, and they kept drifting gauzy and dreamy over the end of my mattress. I pulled out my camera and sat at my desk chair and watched the curtains, snapping a photo once in awhile when the breeze would move them. I’ve taken several photos of those curtains; I love them for the way they play in the breeze that comes through the open windows, love the way they filter the light. Every time I’d put the camera down, the wind would really move them, and they’d flutter gracefully, and I’d think there’s a shot, but by the time I got my camera back up to my eye, they’d rest placidly against the window frame. This went on for maybe a half an hour, just watching the curtains and the breeze do their thing together, taking a photo when I thought I might catch an interesting curve of fabric against its invisible dance partner. I did alright, got a photo that I liked, and then I stopped. I processed it, I uploaded it. Done and done.

And now, as I sit here writing, the wind has picked up and the curtains are just so lovely and I’d really love to share. The light is different now, though, and that changes everything. Things are always changing, after all, but in lucky times, they stay beautiful.

It’s a lucky time right now, and I’m happy for it.


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