junior high blues

Yesterday, a Flickr friend posted a photo of her daughter, titled “The Junior High Blues” to which I replied, “When I had the Junior High Blues I did not look so cool.” She responded, “You probably did, you just didn’t realise that you did.”

I found this photo tonight, and I say… probably not.

Oh, check me out in my pink denim jacket. I don’t think I’m quite so bershon here (though I was that way enough of the time), but I recognize the expression on my face. I still look at people like that, in fact, and when I do look at people like that, if I could be bothered to speak, the only thing I’d be able to muster is “Really?”

My hair was growing out from that time I thought it would be a good idea to have short hair, and as you can see, I liked frosty pink lip gloss (hooray for color-coordination). You can’t tell here, but I spent forever on my bangs, getting them just so, and if I’d been moved to smile for this photo, you’d be able to see my braces, which… um, anyone who has had braces knows what I mean, but I can’t think of the term for it. You know how they put these rubber things on the brackets? After they tightened the wires? And getting your braces tightened never really hurt until they put those things on, whatever the hell they were? What was their purpose? To keep the brackets from cutting the ever-loving hell out of the inside of your mouth? I don’t know. But you know those things? I always got them in colors. Like purple! Or pink and purple! So anyway, they probably matched my jacket is what I’m trying to tell you.

Not that cool is the point, anyway.


4 thoughts on “junior high blues

  1. Of COURSE they matched your coat. Pink and purple was AWESOME! (Relatively speaking, because noone and nothing in middle school is awesome in any way.)


  2. girl, you were totally cool in that pink jacket…and your jeans had to be pegged just so; in fact you had to redo them every 10 minutes. No surprise about the blanks fm your jr hi years; most of it was spent rerolling up the legs of your jeans.


  3. We were seriously, seriously unfortunate in terms of being pre-teens in that era. I mean, pre-teens are always going to be unfortunate… but those years were *bad.*
    Fortunately, you survived to be delightful and awesome – and you’ve mastered your hair – so the 90s can be forgiven!


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