not a list

I told myself to start this post much earlier in the day and then I got distracted by making a pie and also some sweet potatoes and then eating food (oh so much food) and then watching A Christmas Story, because although I am a big believer in only having one holiday at a time, I think it’s okay to watch A Christmas Story anytime, really, and then washing dishes and then falling asleep on the couch and then waking up and oh damn, I gotta get this done. And so it goes.

I normally write a list on this day, a list of sorts, that is, and it’s about all the things for which I am thankful. It’s important to be thankful, to look around feel some gratitude for what you have and where you are, I think. But there are four minutes left to this day and if I’m going to get this posted before it’s officially tomorrow, I’d better wrap this up. So:

Right now, I am thankful for today, because I don’t think it could possibly have been any better. My heart is full and I am thankful, so very incredibly thankful.


2 thoughts on “not a list

  1. you deserve it, hot stuff. I am thankful that you are happy. And for George Michael, Bobby Brown, eating the WHOLE apple, Pringles, and shooting your eye out.


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