somewhere else

It’s been quite a day. A terrible storm this weekend left my office without power; we had a backup generator which provided some light, electricity to a few computers, and allowed us to run fans, since the air conditioning was off and today’s temperature is hovering somewhere around I AM GOING TO MELT YOU. (And what’s up with that? We’ve gone straight from cold and rainy to wet and sweltering. Oh Michigan, your weather is endlessly insane. I think they make meds for that.) My boss said that it’s just like camping, without the bugs. I say that at least if I’d been camping, I wouldn’t have to work or answer the phone, so I’m not really sure the comparison works. Anyway, I also have a post up on LitKicks today. I used to write for LitKicks about once a week, and now I’m… uh, well, this is the second piece I’ve written for LitKicks in the past two years. Here it is:

Just Writing

And there you have it. I am going to go spend some quality time in front of the air conditioner now.


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