typical of the awesome conversations i have with my grandma

The scene: My grandma is spending the night at my house tonight (SLUMBER PARTY!), and I was getting ready to put on my pajamas, but I wanted to wash my face and there weren’t any clean washcloths in the bathroom so I had to go downstairs to get them. I was walking around without any pants on, as I tend to do sometimes. My grandma, watching Jeopardy! looks up at me.

Me: Sorry, Grandma, I’m walking around without pants.
Grandma: Well, don’t go outside like that. You’ll get cold.
Me: Is that the only reason I shouldn’t walk outside without pants? Because I’ll get cold?
Grandma: Yeah, you don’t have anything on your legs!

And scene.

I suppose if it happened to be really hot outside, walking down the street pantsless would be A-OK.


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