So, I know. I was going to post something here every day this month. But then Friday happened. Everything wound up being okay, but I had a bit of a health scare, and I had to see a doctor, have some labs done, and spend some time sobbing in my car (for what eventually turned out to be nothing to sob — in my car or elsewhere — about, but I didn’t know that right then). I’m okay now, mostly over the problem that sent me to the doctor on Friday morning. I don’t really want to talk about it, and wouldn’t be mentioning it at all, except I was posting every day, and then I stopped for a couple of days. But, you know, it’s my project, such as it is, and I needed the time off, so I took it.

Anyway, I must be feeling better, because I got up this morning before sunrise, and took my camera and tripod and assorted necessary whatnots with me out into the middle of the street and took the above photo. It was foggy out, so I kind of had to. I love fog. It is my favorite weather… thing. It makes things dreamy and mysterious, and I love dreamy and mysterious. Sometimes it’s like a noir film, sometimes it’s like an alien planet, sometimes it’s like an aimless daydream when you don’t bother to fill in the details.

And always, always lovely.


One thought on “fog

  1. The Sunset District here is foggy most mornings and I would love to spend time there for the sole purpose of taking photos. I have been here for three years and have yet to drag my ass out of the apartment at anything resembling an early hour to go there.

    One of these days.


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